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Re: JamMan, TransTrem, and other words that have a capital letterin the middle

More guitar geekiness, sorry:

Jeff Schwartz said:
>As for you Klein owners, two questions: does the Klein require you to buy
>double ball
>end strings? I have a Hohner headless bass, and it's a pain in the ass to
>find strings for

Yes, it uses double ball strings. That's part of the deal with the
steinberger tremolo/no headstock design. I haven't had to buy strings yet,
but I just figured I could mailorder them. I guess I could just get them
from Klein, but I think there are several companies that still sell them.
It's not like they're hard to make or anything.

>Number two, do y'all know if it's possible to get a TransTrem to install
>in a normal
>guitar, say, a mutant Strat-like unit? The stock cheezoid trem on mine is
>in it's final
>days (the armhole is stripped out for the nth time...) and the TransTrem
>sounds like it'd
>be really fun.

TransTrems are quite different from kahler or floyd type tremolos. (which
are fairly different from each other)  If the guitar wasn't designed for
the transtrem, you will need to seriously butcher it to get one on there.
It needs to be on the edge of the body, so on your strat, you would need to
chop out all the wood between the bridge and the edge of the body where the
strap pin is. I guess you would then have a mutant flying V.....

I think I recall a picture of a guitar Eddie Van Halen did this to. It
wasn't pretty.

You are probably better off getting a good quality replacement trem that is
similar to the one you've got. Steinberger also has the s-trem, which is
more traditional and which Lorenzo claims gives better tone/sustain and the
JamTrem, which I don't know about.  The transtrem is incredibly cool,
though. Ned Steinberger (who like Tom Oberheim and Michael Tobias, hasn't
got anything to do with his namesake company anymore) has brought a lot of
great ideas to guitar design, and this is one of his best. Being able to
whammy whole chords with all the voices staying in tune is a remarkable
advance over the traditional designs.


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