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JamMan, TransTrem, and other words that have a capital letter in the middle

Here's the latest from me & visionsoft. I called their 800 number and they 
have the 
Micron chips, exact model # as in the JM booklet, for $9.95 each. Needless 
to say, I 
ordered a set. I will let y'all know when they get here, assuming I can 
pull myself away 
from my pedalboard...
As for you Klein owners, two questions: does the Klein require you to buy 
double ball 
end strings? I have a Hohner headless bass, and it's a pain in the ass to 
find strings for 
it. Number two, do y'all know if it's possible to get a TransTrem to 
install in a normal 
guitar, say, a mutant Strat-like unit? The stock cheezoid trem on mine is 
in it's final 
days (the armhole is stripped out for the nth time...) and the TransTrem 
sounds like it'd 
be really fun.
Jeff Schwartz