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Dork with a DOD?hope for the future

At 10:29 AM 5/29/97 -0600, you wrote:
>     Greetings form Boris. I'm 15 and have been playin geetar for about 3 
>     years now.  
>     I'm very new to looping, but I really love doing it. And I need some 
>     tips, tricks ect. 

no Boris you're no dork. THe other 15 year olds who are content to leave it
at no doubt, weezer, and bush are dorks. nothing particularly against those
bands per se - but i, at 32 am continually depressed by the lack of
diversity in the chart oriented music fans of today. And you prove what i
always argue to my idiot friends (my age) - I complain about all the "new
crap" and they argue that it's cos we're old & don't understand it - I
usually respond with - Fuck that - when i was 13, 15,17, 19 i listened to
not only a huge variety of contempo music, but also tons of stuff that was
created before i was born and while i was a child !!! So - you're very cool
indde and we need more young 'uns like yerself !!! Keep listening to all
those vanguard players. AGE IS NOTHING - MUSIC IS TIMELESS !!!

in terms of the crappy-equipment problem - don't worry about it. I've been
playing 15 years and i love my old early 80s echo stuff and my 10 year old
ensoniq mirage more than most of the other stuff i try out & usually can't

just go to EVERY used music store, garage sales, etc - you can bulid a cool
arsenal like that. Experiment with taping yourself - on a boom box, home
cassette rec, 4 track you borrow, whatever.>     Sounds like you listen to
and respect a wide spectrum of players, technology-wise. Tom morello loves
those simple good ol boxes and he RULES on 'em - then you got Fripp with 
huge rig of computer driven midi guitar stuff and echoplexes. I also love 
all !!

so - good luck and remember - Les Paul is about to play his 82nd birthday
party !!! and he's still trying out new shit !! Go for it - NEVER change
your attitude and experimental outlook. ANY equip/ performance questions -
i'll gladly help, as i'm sure all on this list will!

thanks for the re-charge !!!

peace, andre'

(ps - central jersey people- i'll be looping with band>> "hidden agenda"
tonite sat may 31 at the court tavern/ 124 church st/ new brunswick nj/
908-545-7265 11:30 pm