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Looping with a VG-8

Jusy sent up (to the V web site) a new set of patches for the VG-8, in 
I discovered some cool looping feature; attached is from notes to same, for
anyone her who has V and doesn't read the Digital Guitar Digest. Forgive 
elementary info, all you grizzled looping vets...I'm off to see if I can do
the same kinda things with my DP/4
<...my discovery of the V as a looping device, which I had until now
overlooked, since the max delay time is only about 1 second...my mistake! 
can use the pedal to send to the delay or not, creating short loops in the
background, ideal for playing over tiny riffs and arpeggios, and exploring
chord/scale relations, etc--what I call "straight looping." Even more fun 
what I've called "rhythmic looping" in the above patches: Setting the delay
level to 100, and the feedback in the 90's with the "cross-feedback" delay
set to create a little rhythm thing going on between the two delay times,
while using the pedal to create timbral changes. Playing into this sparsely
and staccato or muted with an unusual timbre can create amazing beat loops,
which can be easily mutated as they fade away, a la Steve Reich; open up 
FX:Delay page and control the feedback amount with the S1 and 2 switches as
you play, and use the vol knob to add additional pulses (set it to Master 
instead of Pickup level on the Common: GK Vol page for any VGM models you
want to use this way). Use a foot switch to tap in new delay times, which
will change the rhythms, since the right or left "shift" delay time isn't
affected by the tap. (With the "shift" set to R301 as given, try setting 
"time" to 950, 868, 0r 732 to create interesting syncopations; setting time
to 1023, the max, cuts off the shift delay.) Switching to Stereo delay will
usually give rhythms that continue to change, while the cross-feedback 
are more stable. I've usually set up a foot switch to kill the delay (Mod
also kills the delays, unfortunately), but for me it's faster just to 
in and out of the patch. These heavily-delayed patches definitely have to
played carefully not to turn to mush. Enjoy, dpc.>