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Re: Echoplex Sources


My successful search for the Echoplex was consumated (through the post on
this list) through the help of Rik Elswit, at Bananas At Large, an
excellent equipment store in San Rafael, CA.  Here are his numbers:
(forgive me Rik if this causes a deluge of commications).

Bananas At Large

Prices:  New unit, w/o foot pedal - $649
Used unit - with foot pedal and fully loaded with RAM - $669

(obviously the prices of used units are holding up, supply and demand I

I don't think they have any more units at present but I get the feeling
that Rik/Bananas seems to regularly deal in these units.  (I'm still hoping
for the foot controller for the new unit). In my search, I tried all my
usual sources, mail order places etc and most of them don't carry Oberheim
gear at all and the one or two who did hadn't seen an Echoplex in many
months and had no idea when or if more were coming.  

I love the units, they work better than expected and are deep with
compositional potential!  If I disappear from the list for a while its
because I'm locked away with my guitar and the two units working on a

Thanks for all the help.  It seems the request generated a lot of
discussion about the availability of these units.  I hope our mutual and
intense interest can influence Gibson to start making these units in larger
numbers.  I don't want to sound greedy, but I already want more.

Paul Dresher