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Re: Echoplex Sources


Thanks for responding to my request for more details about how to 
successfully locate Echoplexs. Interestingly, I heard about bananas last 
spring. I emailed them 
<bananas@bananas.com> at least twice requesting quote/info and never 
received a response.
I guess I should've used the phone.

Also, when I met with Jerry Lambert, District Sales Manager for 
Gibson/Oberheim, I did try to impress upon him a sense of the demand for 
the DP and the frustration of not being able to find them anywhere. He 
said that they are aware of the demand and are trying to get production 
up. He didn't give any indication as to when the results of this effort 
might become visible to consumers.

>I love the units, they work better than expected and are deep with
>compositional potential!  If I disappear from the list for a while its
>because I'm locked away with my guitar and the two units working on a
BTW, this is exactly how I felt when I finally got my hands on a jamman, 
it was so over the top of my expectations. I can't wait to try out a plex.