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Re: Echoplex upgrade

Roland said:
>Kim or anyone...
>I just acquired a used plex...and on power up the software version shows
>Is there any problem upgrading to the new v 5.0? or do I have to acquire
>3.2 first?

you can go straight to 5.0, no need for 3.2.

>Can anyone confirm that Gibson has these upgrades in stock and ready to

I'm not sure if the customer service people have them ready in Nashville.
They were supposed to have them ready by now, so if they don't they are
very close. I know they were programming a big lot of chips a couple of
weeks ago for it. Call them to check or put your order in, 510-635-9633.
(that's actually an Oakland number but it should automatically redirect you
to OB customer service in Nashville.) There is also an 800 number,
800-279-4346, probably goes to the same place.

>Also..and I know this has been answered before probably but, as far as
>memory goes...is there any problem using 4x9 (parity) 30 pin simms (60

no problem, that should be fine. 4x8, 4x9, parity, non-parity, 2 chips, 3
chips; all should work.

>(is it possible for any older device to have architecture too slow to
>keep up with
>newer faster memory chips?)...Seems like all I can find are these newer
>60ns parity chips...about $80 bucks for 16 megs on four simms...is that
>a decent price?

sounds like a good price to me.

>will these new fast chips work appreciably better than some older 100 ns
>3 chip non parity simms?  I KNOW there must be some used or NOS 30 pin
>simms out there
>but I aint finding them.

They should work the same. If some dealer ever tries to sell you special
"echoplex" simms, or simms in "matched pairs,"  or any sort of simm that is
claimed to produce better quality audio and therefore is more expensive,
please laugh at him for me. Then tell him he is an idiot.


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