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Has anyone else had problems brothersyncing two jammen via midi?

Yesterday I converted to midi control by connecting a DMC Ground Control 
(v2.4) to two jammen. I programed the GC to transmit on ch 1 and loaded 
the presets to send the correct midi program change numbers. When I tap 
in a loop: 1. sometimes jam #1 starts recording solo and when I tap out 
#2 starts recording immediately 2. sometimes they both start recording 
together on the first tap (this is how I expected things to work) 3. 
sometimes #2 doesn't start recording until the third tap (with #1 
layering). There seems to be no predictable pattern and I never know 
which sequence I'll be dealing with until I get into it. And 
unfortunately, reset works fine and resets both units simultaneously.

Tonight, I unhooked the GC but left the jammen brothersynced, and tried 
using the lexicon footswitches to control them. Surprise! The lexicon 
switches didn't work properly either.
Tap out required 3-7 taps before recording would stop and the loop would 
start playing???
I tried switching the sync cable; in to out on #1, and out to in on #2, 
no change. I tried a different midi cable and still no change. When I 
went back to no midi cable - unsynced - the lexicon footswitches worked 
properly. The GC also works fine with either jamman individually.

So I don't have a clue as to what's going on, or why. Any helpful 
suggestions will be very much appreciated!