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So, once again the list has gone off the gear deep-end, which is ok,
everyone has those questions sometimes and we're all a bunch of closet
gear-nerds anyway. Certainly better than the "who's better guitarists,
dj's, or bassoonists" flame fest a while back. But after a while gear gets
damned tedious, and we kind of forget that this is all really about music.
So how about we pull up some music oriented topics again?

So how about this, what music are you all listening to these days? Which
artists are inspiring you for looping or otherwise? If I go to the record
store on Saturday, what should I get?

Here's another one we haven't delved into for a long time: What is it about
looping that makes it interesting, fun, musical?  Why do we want to do it?
Why does it show up in so many types of music? Is it something in human
nature, learned from culture, what?

Also, it's getting darned embarrassing that the Loop Artists section of the
web site has 0 on it. Which artists belong there? And even more important,
does anyone want to volunteer to do anything about that? Maybe take on that
section? Looper's Delight exists through the good efforts of many people
who volunteer a little or a lot of time. Anything will help, learn html for
the loop cause....

ok, now discuss.....


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