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Re: music

Late check-in...

> So how about this, what music are you all listening to these days? Which
> artists are inspiring you for looping or otherwise? If I go to the record
> store on Saturday, what should I get?

Lately I've been listening to the following:

3 Trios - Nguyen Le

Le originally caught my attention with his CD _Tales Of Vietnam_; mostly
Vietnamese folk songs reharmonized into jazz setting.  Turns out he's
pretty darn good at guitar-playing in a more pure instrumental setting
as well.  Great stuff from the three acoustic bassists and percussionists 
on this CD as well.

Kiki's Delivery Service Original Soundtrack

Soundtrack to the Japanese animated film about a young witch striking out
on her own.  Nothing particularly revolutionary here; just music I 
enjoy chilling out with - invokes thoughts of the French/German/Swiss
countryside.  BTW, this was one of several Studio Ghibli movies that
routinely clobbered the competition from Disney in Japan.  As a result,
Disney has agreed to distribute Studio Ghibli films in the U.S. sometime
next year.

Vision Of Escaflowne Original Sountrack Vol. 1

Soundtrack to the Japanese animated TV series.  Most of the music seems to
be strongly influeced by orchestral music from the Romantic and 
Impressionist eras of Western classical tradition (think Star Wars or
Raiders Of the Lost Ark).  The composer, Yoko Kanno, has also shown a
wide variety of influences from ethnic musics to various pop forms to
electronic music in her work but aside from the three "pop" tunes (one 
entirely with acoustic instruments such as mandolin) this CD is mostly
devoted to that big, epic kind of sound.

Sol - Greg Howard

Features Stick wizard Greg Howard exploring mostly Latin-flavored 
instrumentals in solo and group settings.   Pretty good stuff from one
of the premiere players of the instrument.

Orblivion - The Orb

You all know who these guys are.  It seems darker than other albums of
theirs I've heard.

> Here's another one we haven't delved into for a long time: What is it 
> looping that makes it interesting, fun, musical?  Why do we want to do 
> Why does it show up in so many types of music? Is it something in human
> nature, learned from culture, what?

A popular theory is that humans naturally respond to rhythm.  Sorry I can't
say more - I still have a lot to learn myself.

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