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Re: the rest of the story about OBERHEIM

>I then asked him why it was that I had sent a check in to cover
>repair costs when there had in fact been no repair work yet done, and
>consequently no way to accurately gauge how much labor would have to be
>done (and, consequently, how much it might cost).  He said that all of
>their information had come from Mike Lyon in California.  I then pointed
>out that I had been informed (again, by Pat) that my unit was to have been
>ready earlier this week.  Pat's only explanation was that Mike Lyon must
>have been "lying." 
>I then asked if Mike Lyon's address of mlyon@gibson.com was still vaild, 
>to which Pat replied that Mike Lyon no longer works for Gibson.

Just to throw in another non-Echoplex-related Oberheim story, in which Mike
Lyon figures... A year or two ago, I ordered a manual for an Oberheim
Matrix 1000 synth.  Following Mike Lyon's directions, I mailed in my check
for $25 (for the thin little spiral-bound book) to his attention.  Two
months later my check had been cashed, but still no manual.  I called him
back several times and received no answer, and finally wrote an angry
letter addressed to "Oberheim Customer Service" in Oakland.  I received a
call back from Mike, apologizing for the delay and saying that he had just
mailed out the manual that morning.  

Weeks later, I still hadn't received it.  Another round of phone calls,
angry faxes and letters, and finally I heard back from Mike Lyons again.
He didn't remember ever having talked to me before, but he agreed that
three months was a long time to wait for a manual that they had readily
available, especially when my check had already been cashed.  He promised
to send it out right away.  When I pointed out that he had already promised
this several times, and that I expected he would do better than that, he
scoffed and remarked that I was being paranoid.

Still later, almost 5 months after my check had been cashed, still no
Matrix 1000 manual.  This time, I sent out faxes and letters, and left
voice mail messages, to a variety of names and departments at Oberheim...
no response at all.  Finally, by random chance, I saw the email address of
someone at Gibson, and thought I'd email them and tell them what had
happened, and see if they could help.  Though the individual at Gibson who
I contacted didn't know me, and had no relation to the Oberheim division,
he somehow made sure I received my manual within a few days.  I thanked him
by email, and asked him what the problem was with this Mike Lyons.  He was
vague in his response, but indicated that he had heard mumblings of
problems in certain departments in Oberheim Oakland.

Just seeing that name brought the whole story back.  I'll try to forget it


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