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Re: the rest of the story about OBERHEIM

>On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Rik Elswit wrote:
>> I don't want to sound like an apologist for Oberheim, but the new 
>regime has
>> spent the last two weeks doing the move and getting set up.   They have 
>> very good about getting back to me and staying in communication.  When I
>> sent my piece in for repair, I had a similar experience to yours.  But 
>I pu
>> all this on the old management.  The new management just took over, and 
>> have a lot of cleaning up to do.

I've had good experiences with the new folks so far, too. And they do have
a lot of work ahead of them. I don't envy the poor guys that have to sort
through all the junk packed in the trucks. The seem very motivated, though,
and I'm looking forward to working with them.

>He (of COURSE) confirmed the now widespread news of the Oakland-Gibson
>transit.  He told me that there was a repair team standing by once the
>move was completed, and that my repair job was in fact at the very top of
>the list.  I then asked him why it was that I had sent a check in to cover
>repair costs when there had in fact been no repair work yet done, and
>consequently no way to accurately gauge how much labor would have to be
>done (and, consequently, how much it might cost).  He said that all of
>their information had come from Mike Lyon in California.  I then pointed
>out that I had been informed (again, by Pat) that my unit was to have been
>ready earlier this week.  Pat's only explanation was that Mike Lyon must
>have been "lying."

heh. Mike didn't actually know about the move until the day it happened. It
was one of THOSE kinds of moves for which Gibson is notorious. So he might
not have been lying...I had an amusing front row seat, because I happened
to stop by OB about two minutes after my old buddy Rik Olsen arrived. Rik
used to play guitar in the pop-rock band Berlin, and is now Gibson's
director of security. Asset protection, he calls it. Really nice guy,
but....during the later days of gwiz we used to sing "Take my Job Away" to
the tune of "Take my Breath Away"....ah, it brought back memories of some
special moments from the gwiz days.....

>I sincerely hope that the transition of operations from Oakland to
>Nashville improves things with regards to Oberheim's customer service.  I
>know I'm not the only one feeling the burn from all of this right now...

It looks pretty good so far, hopefully they'll get it right this time.


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