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Re: looper tips

I think that's a good idea. Anybody have any interesting ideas? I know a
lot of good stuff has been posted to the list already. Might be cool if
someone went on a digging expedition through the archives to find good
plex/votex/etc tips.

In general, the "tips and tricks" part of the web site needs some more
material. If you have some idea you'd like to share, toss it on in. Doesn't
have to be specific to a particular looper, but it's still fine if it is
since that gives a better feel for a specific use of a device. Preformatted
in html is a big help.....


>I think it would be informative to have a section called "Fun Things to Do
>With the EchoPlex" and have members send in say 3-10 things they like to 
>with the EchoPlex, with a walkthrough on the knobs and buttons. Maybe the
>Vortex while we are at it.  I'm a newbie with both, but will contribute as
>soon as I learn a little more.
>> The FAQ hadn't been updated since
>>last november! jeez...better late than never I guess. I'll probably make
>>another pass at the FAQ, since there is plenty of more material floating
>>around. So if there's something you think should be on there, let me 

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