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Just Theorizing

Complex postmodern theory applied to looping, anyone? Something recently
sent to me, for what it's worth...

>lyotard definition (Andrew Corey Yerkes , Thu 9:30 AM)
>I am reading an interesting book, _Just Gaming_, by Lyotard.  It is
>famous in English depts for defining postmodernity.  Here is an
>interesting bit especially revelant to looping and sampling:
>The modern addressee would be the "people," an idea whose referent
>oscillates between the romantics' Volk and the fin-de-siecle
>bourgeousie.  Romanticism would be modern, as would the project, even if
>it turns out to be impossible, of elaborating a taste, even a "bad" one,
>that permits an evaluation of works.  Postmodern (or pagan) would be the
>condition of the literatures and arts that have no assigned addressee
>and no regulating ideal, yet in which value is regularly measured on the
>stick of experiementation.  Or, to put it dramatically, in which it is
>measured by the distortion that is inflicted upon the materials, the
>forms and the structures of sensibility and thought.

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