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Re: Ultra lo tech looping

> >I've been lurking here a while; I mostly use an EPS classic for my
> >looping, which is lo-tech enough, but this cassette method was something
> >I and a parnter played with a few years ago. Something about its
> >rawness, and its limitations actually seemed conducive to interesting +
> >unexpected outcomes. Sort of akin to a Surrealist game/experiment
> >technique.
> One idea could be (when I'll get my Echoplex I'll try this) to use
> prerecorded dat and cassette material to inject in the looper loops, 
> playing (I was thinking to volume pedals to control the output of the
> tapes). Could be interesting to have a mixer full of sound sources to 
>let in
> at some moment in the loop (prerecorded tapes, radio, voices, other
> instruments, the crowd in front of you). Kind of casual interaction 
> your playing and the moment.
> Any comment about the role of caos and casuality in loop playing?

This is something I do a lot of. I will load my meager S-220 sampler with
1 second riffs, drop them an octave or more to get a longer phrase length
and then using midi volume commands bring the individual samples in and
out of the mix. I get patterns that take forever to repeat themselves as
well as very strnage timbres due to the aliasing caused by dropping the
samples in pitch. In my S-220 I can have 4 samples going and I'll throw in
4 more, longer samples, from my Amiga and just play the mixer. 

Todd Rundgren did some intersting mixer playing on his A Cappella album
where he had his voice sampled at different pitches and he used the mixer
as his keyboard.

steve d           

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