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Re: The magic of Torn

>Is this done with volumepedal and reverb/delay?? if so , how can he make 
>move and change throughout the loop?? how long do u think these loops 
>5 secs or 90???
>I mean , I dont understand HOW he does it , but those things are the main
>reason I`m out there searching for a looper.Which I can`t find BTW. 

I've got the Torn instructional videos, and he demonstrates a lot of his 
playing techniques.  He makes several of the loops you're referring to 
with a PCM-42 with 20 seconds of delay.  A lot of volume pedal work, a 
little compression, distortion and phase-shifting on the input signal.  
He locks down the loop, and sends that through a Digitech harmonizer set 
to a fifth or an octave above, and runs the whole thing through a PCM-70 
for a really big  reverb.  He may also use a reverse reverb, it's been a 
while since I watched the video.  The PCM-42 can also be set to randomly 
set the modulation section, resulting in further rapid pitch shifts, 
which the reverb smooths out.

Travis Hartnett