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To all you musicians

A CD that has come up a few times on the recent top 10 lists here is Tony
Geballe's " Native of the Rain." I encourage everyone to pick this CD up at

Now why I am doing this? Well Tony is a friend of mine and I'd love to see
him succeed. The music is for solo 12 string guitar and represents the work
of a mature artist who has found his own voice. While the music is
accessible, it stands up to repeated listening.

Native of the Rain was released on Robert Fripp's DGM label. One of the
aims of DGM is to assist muscians who otherwise would have a very tough
chance to be released and yet merit the opportunity. This is another reason
to buy this disc. To let DGM (and other labels) know that when worthwhile
music is presented to the markteplace, that the market will respond.

This past Saturday Tony opened for Bon Lozago and PRoject Lo, featuring
Caryn Lin. Tony set was outstanding, as well as Project Lo. Caryn did a
very beautiful looped solo piece tha was written for a nephews birth.
Project Lo will be at Phantasmagoria in WHeaton this Friday night so all
you DC locals should ruch right over.

Caryn had both a Echoplex and a jam man. Bon and the other Gutiarist, Jim
Fogarty each had a Vortex and a jam man. Great great music!!!


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