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Hello! and my Top Ten listens...

Hi everybody!  I really enjoy this newsgroup; interestingly enough, I do
not have any of this equipement but I work on a Mac running Deck II (I
know, I know).  I'm thinking of switching over soon and so here I am
listening to some experts in the "components" side of sampling.

I love all the great listening suggestions from you guys!
My top 10 listens right now:

1. Funkmaster Flex Vol 1. (its alright)

2. Brand New Heavies - Heavy Rhyme Experience. (If all hip-hop albums were
this good...)

3. Sublime (trying to learn his unique ska/reggae/punk/rock aesthetic)

4. P-Funk All Stars "Dope Dogs"  Well this album really is something.  It
was not released in the United States at all, but it is available from
Japan.  This album is George Clinton's masterpiece of the 90s, being a
comprehensive social commentary on the modern crack-influenced innner city
drug culture.  This album is virtually totally unknown in the United States
but I assure you - if you listen, you will love it!  It is amazing.  (I
also like the TAPOAFOM album from last year as well as Bernie Worrell's
Blacktronic Science - Bernie is a musical genius)

5. obligatory Miles pick:  Get Up With It: 1970-1974.  Also not available
in the US but available in Europe.  It is basically a bunch of stuff culled
from tape of the era edited by Bill Laswell and his gang.  I think there is
definitely some post-production on it as well.

6. Squirrel Nut Zippers - can that woman copy Billy Holiday any more
blatently?  probably not!  I do like the songs and the male vocalist

7. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Visions of the Emerald Beyond.  One of my
favorite albums of all time.  If you have not heard it - go out and give it
a listen.  'nough said.

8. 9/20/80 Bob Marley - Bob's last show on CD (well at least half of it).
The show is incredible.  The strength in his voice at a time when his
health was really failing him....  absolutely incendiary versions of
Zimbabwe, Zion Train, many many others.  This widely available bootleg is
the bomb.

9. DJ Shadow - Entroducing...  A great album.  I really like his
sensibilities.  He isn't so much into straight-ahead song structure as much
as a really good "musical ride."

10. Material - Hallucination Engine.  What do you guys think of this?  I
love it!  Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell.... tell me what you think.