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Re: On being complete nerds

What I be doing...

Finally broke down and bought the Momo Aida Vid. She gets done in the back
of a Suburban driving down some Japanese freeway. The moans from the TV
feed into the volume pedal which feeds into the Plex then into one of the
Vortex's, I pump her up and down (ahem) and play along with the Dub, then
switch to the old Roland 300 and run it through the other Vortex all
through the old 4 channel Panasonic amp out through the double D9's and the
two Whomping JBLs.  Am I doing something wrong, Mommy? I'm getting
skinniner and skinner...

Leonard Cohen (burnning lady one)
Dylan Blonde on Blonde
Cure Disintegration
Couple of Bill Nelsons
Miles Bitches Brew
Bjork latest
Ana Gabrielle (three of em)
Tom Waits (Black Rider)
Xin Tron Tuoi Loan (Huong Lan Manh Quynh2) Huh?
Romeo Void