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Re: On being complete nerds

My turn....

1. Miles: _Miles Smiles_ My favorite miles album (not that I own a lot...).
Orbits drives me crazy...

2. Chick Corea/Miroslav Vituous/Roy Haynes - _Trio Music_ This album is
half amazing "free" improvs (they are amazingly tight) and half monk
tunes...very very hip stuff from before the Elektrik Band days.

3. Bill Frisell - _Quartet_ I'm sure most of you are familiar with this.
Even though i'm a bass player, I love the no bass and drums
arrangements...Mr. Bill is a guitarist, bassist, percussionist, horn player
and Dj rolled into one!

4. Beck - _Odelay_ If you haven't seen beck in concert, find someway to do
it as soon as possible. Trust me.

5. Marc Johnson's Right Brain Patrol - _Magic Labyrinth_ this is very very
hip trio stuff from a great bassist...bass/guitar/percussion, and ther
percussion guy uses looped acoustic percussion for the majority of the
record, and Johnson uses some sustained bowed notes that could either be
overdubs or some tasty loop work on a a couple tracks. Very very very hip
stuff including a killer bass/perc. duet version of Solar where the head is
sorta hinted at every once in a while, but never blatantly played.

6. Eberhard Weber _Pendulum_ This guy is very very cool..."the bass as an
orchestra" as bass player magazine titled it...Thick, beautiful tones from
a true original.

7. Mingus _the black saint and sinner lady_ Mingus, IMO, is the coolest
individual ever, and certainly one of the greatest american
musicians/composers. His autobiography is a bit scary, though....

8. Metheny/Ornette _Song X_ I really like it. Not sure why, but i do. I
think it's gotta be the Charlie haden-isms all through out...or ornette's
melodic playing, or Metheny's psycho comping, or the great drumming by mr
DeJohnette and the littler coleman. Maybe i do know why!

9. Paul Motain _Bill Evans_ someone else mentioned the Motain Trio...all
this stuff is extremely hip new-jazz-whatever stuff...the bass-less trio
stuff is great with tons of frisell and the albums with Charlie Haden are
cool, and this one has Marc Johnson, one of my favorite cats, on
it...neat-o stuff!

10. Pavement - _Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain_ oh to have pop sensibilities
like these fellows...a close second to this album is Nirvana's _In Utero_,

     "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition
            from mediocre minds."     -Albert Einstein