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RE: Looping with a drummer

Well, I am an (acoustic) drummer/ 
percussionist who also happens to do a 
bit of looping/signal processing. I've found that 
learning to play with loops has actually helped 
*improved* my time. 

I can't stress the importance of having good
monitoring! If I can't hear the loop well, there's no 
chance of grooving with it. It can be really frustrating 
otherwise. In situations where the monitoring is 
inadequate, I generally use headphones.

Another way I've found that works is to use a 
drum machine as a MIDI master to sync my 
looper (Jamman) and any others in the group. 
This has the added bonus of incorporating the 
*non-human* machine sounds into the brew. 
This can sometimes be a great combination. 
I usually record a loops or layers onto the machine 
beat and then either eliminate parts of the machine
beat or mute it entirely.  Sometimes I simply use 
delay and echo effects from an overhead microphone 
to create polyrhthms/ cacorhythms.
But this is wandering ... sorry.

I don't currently have any electrodrums so I 
haven't any advice in that regard. There are 
probably other drummers on this list with ideas, 
suggestions, etc. (P.S: I would love to hear from 
any of you percussive loopists too!)

Hello... any other drummonds out there??