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Gear talk! No loops! (If Kim can do it...)

Kim said:

>>Do I hear the phrase "second morgage"?  These things cost $2-3000 don't
>I wish... mine was quite a bit more with all of my customizing. The
>translucent purple sunburst was worth every cent, though! 

I can see myself explaining _that_ to my wife!  "But honey, it's _purple_!"

> Definitely in the "gee, I guess I don't need to buy any more
>guitars" category. (hopefully...)

I said that 9 months after I started playing guitar, when my Squier was
superceded by my Levinson Blade R4 - about $1000 in 1989.  I bought it with
my first month's wages ever - left me with $100 to live on for the month...
Over 8 years later I still have that guitar, and haven't bought another.
That would involve selling the Blade - somehow I've never managed to name
her.  Not that I haven't been tempted to trade - on a weekly basis - but
something just stops me inside.  It says "you'll never get her back".

>of course, I cough up blood when the credit card bill arrives each
>month....but what the hell, you're supposed to suffer for art right?

Hey, why don't you just send the bill back with "You have to suffer for my
art" written on it!  (After all, most people suffer for mine just by
listening to it...)

>I had the same thing happen to me with the mesa triaxis. Stay away from
>those, too. I won't even go near the home studio areas of the music store.
>Way too dangerous.....

I won't, trust me.  At the moment I'm desperate for their Subway Blues
"budget" combo (ie about $800 over here - must be getting that darn CE...),
and I can't afford _that_!