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RE: Who's on the forefront of loopmuse?

The forefront of Looping today is on what most here would undoubtedly 
consider the lowbrow side of all things loop that is if you are prone to 
categorizing things. 

IMHO - It's the dance floor dude that is still driving things loopey for 
the majority of the world - Musicians and audiences included.

Obvious and overexposed Loop Leaders: Beck, Square Pusher, DJ's Spookey & 
Shadow (Spelling??) Photek, Puff Daddy ( He aint original and he sure 
don't drone. But his loops are in the hands and ears of eager children all 
across the world while their $ is secure in his bank account) and The Orb 
on the Higher end of low end. 

Frankly, I can't nor would I ever dare say that any artist is better than 
the other. Its always like a pissing contest. And I cant stand it when 
people turn music appreciation into a sport and forum for their own biases 
and need to be acknowledged. Just a premonition of how people will respond 
to DK's question.

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I'll try this again, just to see if this gets picked up.

*So, just for giggles, what / who is on the forefront of "looping-based
I know this is somewhat an impossible question, but, maybe it's worth
bashing around for a while.

David Kirkdorffer