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AW: Fred Frith

Fred Frith is one of the big innovators of music in the late 20th century.
He had a profound influence on many musicians and even musical styles. 

>the best way to get to know him is by seeing the film 
>(Art-umentary) "Step Across the Border" which is based 
>around him, his travels and his music. I personally found 
>the film extremely inspiring 

totally agreed, absolutely check it out. 

I still remember a concert during a German jazz festival back in 1986 where
Fred Frith played with John Zorn, Arto Lindsay, David Moss, and a couple
other famous 'New York Noise' people. It was one of those rare moments. I
wouldn't have expected this to happen with totally free music but I found
myself so deeply moved that I was crying. 

My current favourite is the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet. Absolutely wonderful
(but you must see it live, the live CD doesn't capture it) provided that
you're an adventurous spirit musically.

michael peters                mpeters@compuserve.com