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Re: Folk, etc

Dave down in London correctly berated me:

>     What - more adventurous than Cortney Pine's latest work with DJs and 
>     remixers; Steve Williamson's efforts in this area; Martin Speake's 
>     group(s) with guitarist John Paricelli, and JP's contribution to the 
>     Iain Ballamy group; Billy Jenkins & the Voice of God Collective; the 
>     Arguelles bothers; and other ex-Loose Tubes alumni?

Ok, ok, sorry!  I'll admit, my experience is kinda limited by those
London-based musicians willing to grace our attentions north of the Border;
obviously we merit not much attention since most who make the journey are
those who can put bums on seats at the big Jazz fests, ie the more
"traditional" lot.  And in my defence, some Celtic musicians are hooking up
with djs etc, eg Shooglenifty or Afro-Celt Sound System.  I think it'd
probably be best if I say Scotland instead of Britain in future.

On a similar subject, aside for C. Pine the above names are new to me.
Where did the publicisation of new jazz go?  Apart from that Ronny
Jordan/US3 blip a few years ago, I hear nothing.  But the current Celt
types are far more high-profile.  The guitar press is hopeless - the latest
Big New Name in Guitarist magazine is Steve topping, the current editorial
staff having forgotten they interviewed him in 1984!!!!  

>     Not quite sure what the `Jazz lot' up your way are into, but there's 
>     bit more than just Tommy Smith and Martin Taylor
>     (both of whom are obviously fine musicians with CDs in my 
>     going on elsewhere, dont ya know!

If we're talking Scotland, not london. Jazz in the Wilderlands (where the
other 48 million of us live) _is_ pretty much Martin Taylor et al, or at
least anyone willing to actually tour.  Taylor's from just south of
Glasgow, y'know.... 

>     ("Bill - careful with that axe..." yewww...)

Jeez, not even my humour will satisfy! I'm onto a losing streak here!