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Re: Re: a whole lotta loop

At 03:13 AM 3/25/98 EST, the LoopDocs wrote:

>Jimmy Page and echoplexes is kind of a funny backwards loop rock history
>thing.  And it's cool that his name has come up here.
> .....
>  (And for those who want to
> debate rock history, we put Gilmour in the seventies.)

I'll drop another name from the seventies who really turned me on
to using echoplex - or in my case at the time, it was the less
expensive Maestro Sireko.  That name would be Joe Walsh of the
James Gang (boy was I disappointed when he joined the Eegles).
Anyway, on the James Gang's first album was a song named "Take
A Look Around" which featured an ethereal echoplexed solo that
really turned my head and ears.

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