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Which expression pedals with Digitech PMC-10?

Fellow loopfolk,
Sorry for the lack of loop content. I recently found a Digitech PMC-10 new
still in the box and snatched it up (it was the last one they had). It is a
very deep MIDI foot controller and I want to use expression pedals with it
but the ones I've tried out with it, I haven't been totally pleased with.
Have any of you other PMC-10 users found out which expression pedals work
best with it? I want a pedal that uses the whole range of the foot pedal
not just a small portion of its'sweep. I have set up the expression pedals
in the Utilities menu and I've tried both CV and just plain volume pedals
and they work OK, but I think there gotta be something out there even
Also on a related note, Digitech says there are no more replacement hand
held programmers for the PMC-10 left in stock, so all of you who bought
them by the gross and hoarded them could make a killing on resale;-)
Digitech does have the schematics for the programmer available for $5.
How do you PMC-10 owners use yours in your looping or other setups?