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Re: Price sharing etiquette

Okay, as soon as I get an Echoplex, I'm going to hook up
a mic and record the following: "If I don't have something
good to say, then I won't say anything."

Apologies to the person I quoted earlier. I didn't mention
a name, but if you save your messages you could figure out
who that was. No, I still haven't received a response from
him, but I should have given him the benefit of a doubt.
There could be many reasons why he wasn't able to respond.
And I have heard from someone else that did get a response
from a similar inquiry. So, he is obviously somebody that
will share his good fortune.

I've also received some interesting private e-mails about
peoples' different perspectives on sharing price info on
the list. I would hope that we could discuss those things

Thanks for constructive comments, public and private!