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Re: Price sharing etiquette

Randy wailed:

>Last week I asked a simple question, "What is the going rate for a used
>JamMan?".  I received not even ONE response.  I would imagine that 80%
>of you have a good idea.  Was my question too basic and "newbee" for all
>you pros?

Woah there!  I'll come clean to say I can't help, purely because I'm in
foreign climes (and you'll find the cheapest JM in the states, no doubt).
I think that second to that, no-one really knows.  It ranks as a great
unanswerable questions, along with "is there a God?", "How many roads must
a man walk down?" and "How much is a used Vortex?"

As far as I can tell, prices range between $200 and $400 - yes, really that
much.  Extra memory confuses the situation more.  I think it's a case of go
forth, my boy, and haggle.

One question -

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>    //  ||  \\    
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why does your sigfile feature a pair of  underpants?  ;)