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Dynamic Looping (WAS: Re: Looper Wishlist)

A month ago I asked the question "Is the feedback pedal input on the
Echoplex Digital Pro audio or CV?", to which I received no reply.

Here is the reason for the question:

>>>What if you could
>>>replace elements in a loop based on dynamics? 

I have set up delay based loops using the Ensoniq DP/4+ in a feedback
configuration, where one processor is used in a feedback loop around 
By using a compressor in the feedback loop around a delay, things get
pushed around dynamically in the loop quite nicely. The loops take on a
life of their own and evolve in very subtle or bizzarrely extreme ways.

The same effect is possible using a Jamman or EDP with a mixer. Set the
looper's mix to full wet, connect it's output to a channel, and it's input
from an aux send.
Insert a compressor either before or after the looper. Use the aux send on
the mixer channel which the looper is in to control repeats.
 If the EDP feedback jack uses an audio signal, the same results could be
acheived by inserting a compressor there.

The time constants of the compressor play a major role in shaping the
result, so use one which has wide ranging attack and release adjustments.
Variable ratio and knee are also good to have available.

I'd love to hear what you think of the results.....

-Chuck Zwicky