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SV: holdsworth(was garbarek 1984)

Hi Jeff , Thanks for the insights. I`m gonna buy the book and work on it. 
There is some sort of beuty on his playing that I want to get into my 

He certainly IS a jazzguy and the compositions themself reflect that. I 
myself a "jazzguy" too , and I`ve found that compositions often function 
as a
springboard for the "real" composition ; the improvisation.  (look at 

When I put it this way it sounds  like jazzmusic is all about a bunch of 
guys blowing
over changes. Of course it isnt so. Composition is a major part of jazz , 
but its what
HAPPENS to the composition when its performed that matters. At least this 
is what I feel.

So , under these circumstances , I don`t think it is right to criticise 
compositions. I feel he has invented his own style in that regard , his 
and his phrasing in the melodies. But , this is just my opinion..