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Re: holdsworth(was garbarek 1984)

In a message dated 4/16/98 9:53:49 PM, you wrote:

>>I have not seen the video but I do have teh book Just For the Curious.
>>His phrasing is unique among guitarists (e.g. lots of perfect fourths)
>>because he effortlessly uses fingerings that most guitarists would not
>>consider "comfortable".  It's worth checking out for guitarists (and
>>Stick players) who want to take their phrasing in a different direction.

Forget not "comfortable", how about physically impossible?? I have seen the
video tape for "Just for the Curious" and I could not believe the kinds of
fingerings he seemed to be reaching effortlessly....one in particular was 
extremely wide stretch with the index and pinky, and the middle and ring
fingers jammed close together in the middle- I couldn't play it with two 
and my nose.....