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Re: holdsworthian delaze

Umm, let's see if I can remember what I encountered one hazy day at the

There were eight (count 'em!) delays, running in parallel, fed through a
stereo mixer. Each delay was set at a different length, with different
modulation rates and different panning across a stereo field. The delays,
as I recall, included two ADA units, two Lex PCM 41s, two Deltatlab
Effectrons, and two other delays of some variety or other. (They may have
been ART) The delay times ranged from about 20ms to around 300 ms. There
were two set at the longer range.

We painstakingly recreated all of the delay, modulation and panning setings
in a PCM 80, and A/B'd the two. It wasn't even close to his mammoth rig.
Why? My guess is that all those different delays, with different analog
sections, created something wholly unique, and a single clock-rate chip, no
matter how advanced, could not duplicate the vibe which was going on. Alas,
after 45 minutes of tinkering between the two, we bailed for the beer and a
demonstration of the Fizz-Buster, a device which works remarkably well I
must say.

Looping is an area in which Mr. H has expressed considerable disinterest.
No great surprise, really.

Jon Durant