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Re: holdsworthian delaze

So Jon, Have you tried the series/parallel configuration of delay's. I wish
I could because I dig the modulation he get's from them. Like on House of
Mirrors. And I think maybe the reason he shrugged you off Kim is because 
were in a suit and he likes people who are more laid back. And how can one
be laid back in a suit. I'm sure he liked the product but it's not STEREO
like Allan likes. AND he proabably figured that there are too many people
doing looping these days.
Jeff Collins
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From: Jon Durant <74074.1316@compuserve.com>
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Date: Friday, April 17, 1998 10:58 AM
Subject: Re: holdsworthian delaze

>Umm, let's see if I can remember what I encountered one hazy day at the
>There were eight (count 'em!) delays, running in parallel, fed through a
>stereo mixer. Each delay was set at a different length, with different
>modulation rates and different panning across a stereo field. The delays,
>as I recall, included two ADA units, two Lex PCM 41s, two Deltatlab
>Effectrons, and two other delays of some variety or other. (They may have
>been ART) The delay times ranged from about 20ms to around 300 ms. There
>were two set at the longer range.
>We painstakingly recreated all of the delay, modulation and panning 
>in a PCM 80, and A/B'd the two. It wasn't even close to his mammoth rig.
>Why? My guess is that all those different delays, with different analog
>sections, created something wholly unique, and a single clock-rate chip, 
>matter how advanced, could not duplicate the vibe which was going on. 
>after 45 minutes of tinkering between the two, we bailed for the beer and 
>demonstration of the Fizz-Buster, a device which works remarkably well I
>must say.
>Looping is an area in which Mr. H has expressed considerable disinterest.
>No great surprise, really.
>Jon Durant