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Re: warren haynes

At 10:28 AM -0400 4/17/98, Lee Wordsman wrote:
>Kim Flint wrote:
>> Now as far as looping guitarist sightings go, I hear that Warren Haynes 
>> the Allman Brothers is becoming an echoplex user/endorser. I can only
>> imagine what that means.....
>You mean former guitarist for the Allman Brothers.  Warren Haynes is 
>pursuing a solo career as the front man for his band "Gov't Mule".  I saw 
>recently and didn't detect any looping going on.  A friend also passed on
>Warren's latest album.  Haven't listened to it yet but if it features any
>I'll pass it on.

ah. as you may have gathered, I don't follow the southern rock scene very

At least I checked to see that it was the Allman Brothers...at first I
though he was from Lynard Skynard....

since he's just getting one of these things, I would guess it would be the
next album with the soundscaped-ambient-drum-and-bass-country-rock on it.


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