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Loops onstage, MORSE, MMW

just saw 2 excelent shows.....

Steve Morse band - 4/16 at Tramps in NYC ; 
First nite of the tour - these guys are soooo scary - esp. since they
hadn't played together in a year - yet they destroyed... Either you like
Steve's music or ya don't , i won't proselytize... they did a diverse set -
even some rarely played Dizie Dregs stuff..!

but he was fantastic. Steve's one of the few major artists left who plays
with a huge, fridge size rack!!! He basically runs several signals (clean,
edge, distort, short echo, long echo, evil horrible guitarsynth), which he
controls the total mix of thru 5 ernie ball vol pedals...and near the
show's end - he did a great impromptu loop sculpture, some cool pizzicato
arpeggio which he then floated some cloudy guitar over, while drummer Van
Romaine played a tom-tom beat in time with the changing loops.... i'm
pretty sure he loops with vintage Lexicon stuff..

Medeski Martin Wood- 4/17 Count Basie Theatre, Red bank NJ

another great show - these guys have the shit!! Funky grooves, straight
ahead jazz, bizarre 'found sound' improvs 

But with DJ Logic on stage, they actually did some LOOPY stuff in the
lenghtly jams in the 2nd set.... i wasn't sure if i  was hearing 'manual
looping' or an electronic device, but the MAGIC OF REPETITION was in the

(right now i'm listening to their mail order/at shows only CD "Farmers
Reserve" which is a must for any modern-aleatoric music fans.. check
http://www.mmw.net )

anyway - see some of you tonite at B.L.U.E.??? i'll be at both shows, Look
for my Unkempt afro and dreadlocks in the back....

And if ya miss it - don't miss it online!!! http://www.knittingfactory.com
!! I did my first recording-of-music-off- the neet this week (pat metheny)
and it came out great !! just get the right connectors at radio shack....


andre east