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Re: Loops onstage, MORSE, MMW

Steve Morse has been looping for a long time; my first exposure to
looping came at one of his clinics back in 1985 or '86.  Details at
http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock/setup.htm#sm if you're interested.\


andre wrote:
> just saw 2 excelent shows.....
> Steve Morse band - 4/16 at Tramps in NYC ;
> First nite of the tour - these guys are soooo scary - esp. since they
> hadn't played together in a year - yet they destroyed... Either you like
> Steve's music or ya don't , i won't proselytize... they did a diverse 
>set -
> even some rarely played Dizie Dregs stuff..!
> but he was fantastic. Steve's one of the few major artists left who plays
> with a huge, fridge size rack!!! He basically runs several signals 
> edge, distort, short echo, long echo, evil horrible guitarsynth), which 
> controls the total mix of thru 5 ernie ball vol pedals...and near the
> show's end - he did a great impromptu loop sculpture, some cool pizzicato
> arpeggio which he then floated some cloudy guitar over, while drummer Van
> Romaine played a tom-tom beat in time with the changing loops.... i'm
> pretty sure he loops with vintage Lexicon stuff..