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feedback on carvin 185 ae

 hey there , pal

I owned one of the guitars you are referring to (carvin 185 ae) for over a 
I was not happy with it. The electric sound was ok , but not to my taste. 
It was very
undynamic and made me feel like I was playing through a bad compressor. 
Not enough juice........ The acoustic sound was like a bad copy of an 
Ovation acoustic with that sharp ,thin sound. I`m not saying Carvin makes 
bad electric acoustics but I don`t
think they work if you`re looking for an "authentic" ac. sound.

My problem with Carvin-guitars is the sound. Everything else is perfect: 
it stays in tune , easy
to play , good balance when you wear it........all that. But it`s like 
they compromised the sound
in order to gain all these things. It does a little of everything , but 
none good is my impression
of Carvin. 

Two weeks after I sold it the the  guy called  and asked if I wanted to 
buy it back. Thats how I felt too , after that "1 week trial" you get 
>from them. I know it seems like I`ve got a major grudge against Carvin , 
but I urge you...........you should locate a used one and try to borrow it
and test it without the 1 week hanging over your head. It certainly got 

Good luck , I know exactly how you feel. (I almost purchased a Steinberger 
direct from USA,
>from "Ed Roman - guitars" .  any of you heard of him??))

Yours , Thomas   W  (wich roughly translated to Norwegian means