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Re: some feedback please!!

I own a carvin ae185 and I can haonestly say it is the nicest gtr I have
ever played. It is gorgeous, light, and comfortable. Neck cant be
better. The acoustic sound is sweet. And I opted for a hot pickup in the
bridge position which makes me sound like ted nugent when I want to wang
dang. You left out the panning knob. Mine is koa and mahoghany. When you
play it loud you can feel it vibrate. It's awesome. see me with mine at
my website.They even agreed not to put the carvin name on mine, because
its that cool. go to my site and look around, I'm not sure where but you
will see a photot of me hugging a gtr. thats it. oh by the way I opted
for no dots too , and a reverse headstock came out to 11 and change but
I'll tell you when you first smell it right out of the case your mind
will be made up.go to and respond to me about any questions. I've been
waiting for a discusion about carvin.