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pedals!! (was: splitters)

Miko wrote:
>I also use a GCX Expander audio loop switcher to switch a Boss GX-700 
>(input to 
>fx loop); Pearce G2r amp; Fulltone Fulldrive 2; Prescription Electronics 
>Experience; Z-Vex Fuzz Factory; and Big Muff as well as channel switch 
>Pearce amp with it. If a Switchblade falls out of the sky, I'll use it in 
>instant!!! 8-> One day we'll all have them and never have this discussion 

Wow , Mike !!  Somehow I was under the impression you are an acoustic 
guitarist.....Boy was I wrong , you got the greatest set of 
pedals.......I`ve been able to locate ONE PE Experience
here in norway , and the "wildest" setting (with all the knobs in) was 
broken.......have you had any problems with that??  Z-VEX , is that the 
company with the "crackle okay" pedal???
That sounds like a great idea , have you tried it??

I was wondering about all this splitterstuff.........Does the output-level 
of the guitar make a different on the noiselevel , seeing as the signal 
has lots of stuff to travel through???
Im wondering since my strat has some wiring problems and has very low 
output (wich I really dont want to fix , coz it sounds great! ;-) )