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Re: SV: Assd. Holdsworthisms

At 06:17 PM 4/20/98 +0200, you wrote:
>>On the big hands issue, I went through Uncommon Chord and revoiced the
>>chords into handy intervals.  OK, so my "Home" doesn't sound exactly like
>>Allan's "Home", but it's close enough to make me happy.
> When you say "revoiced" , do you mean that you moved the notes around to
>it easier to play  or did you change the notes??  As in , skip a note here
and >there........

Yup - take the whole chord shape and start playing 2 or 3 notes from it.
Find which are most important to the chord in the context of the piece (ie
which you can drop for it to still sound like "home").  Once you've found
them, see if there's a way to move them so that they're close together.  I
play 90% intervals (ie 2 notes), it sounds 70% right (so 30% must be my
individual style, right?  :)  ) and my hands still work afterwards!  AND
you get to tell everybody to can play Holdsworth tunes!

Kim wandered RIGHT off topic:
>I've been told I look pretty good in a suit, and I secretly enjoy wearing
>it! Makes me feel powerful, and the chicks dig it. And what's this
>conspiracy? Nobody asked me to join! Do I get to wear a suit all the time
>if I'm in the conspiracy?

Yup. You get to dance like Will Smith too.

> I don't think the suit was it. I believe that Allan decided not to get
> interested in looping or the echoplex entirely because of my haircut. 

Hey, haircuts are important.  I can find no other explanation for Van
Halen's recent fall from grace...