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>Does anyone know how I can modify my guitar to get the infinite sustain
like >Michael Brook has. I've found a couple of sites that mention it. But
no REAL >information or schematic. I'm attempting to do it myself. But i'm
hoping that >someone can save me the trouble.

We had a big debate on this last year.  The way to do it seems to be:

1. get your neck pickup rewired for low impedance (I reckon maybe 1/3 of
the turns, 3x thickness, though I haven't tried it).  Build a small
amplifier which takes the signal from your middle pickup to drive the
amplifier.   The string generates a current in the p/u, which drives the
transducer, which drives the string.  Magic.  I've one of these half-built
mysefl, but can't afford the pickup rewiring.

2.  Buy a Fernandez Sustainer.

No 2 seems the preferred option....