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"Acid" from Sonic Foundary

Hi. I'm new to this mailing list, although I've been interested 
in looping for awhile (David Torn being my initial and probably
still primary influence in this direction). I've recently been 
doing some research into using a computer as a looping device, 
downloading a myriad of demos of various sound editors, mixers, etc...

I ran across the following on the Sound Foundary www site

     Available soon from Sonic Foundry˙!

     Introducing ACID˙

        a break-through loop-based music production tool from Sonic 

        With loop-arranging and editing, ACID˙ gives musicians 
        creative flexibility. 

        Just imagine working with hundreds of ACID's cutting-edge loops or 
bringing in 
        your own audio samples to create custom music in minutes. 

        ACID˙ allows you to preview any loop before adding it to your mix, 
        automatically matching the tempo and key in real time.
        Click-and-drag to easily add or delete loops. ACID˙ allows 
        changes to pitch and tempo to unlimited tracks (based on
        system RAM). Control the volume, pan, and effect envelopes for 
each track 
        to create a perfect mix between loops. To add the
        finishing touches you can apply multiple real-time effects with 
        Audio Plug-Ins.

My impression based on this brief description is that this is more 
intended as
mixer for creating dance style loops, but I was wondering if anyone saw 
at NAMM and knew if it had the ability to interactively record and playback
loops ala jamman/edp.



John Recker
Rendition, Inc.