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Dream Syndicate

Actually, the Dream Syndicate was Tony Conrad's band with Lamonte Young,
John Cale, and others.  Hence "Outside the Dream Syndicate" for Conrad's
record with Faust.  The mid-80's (?) L.A. band was the second to use the


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Date: Thursday, April 23, 1998 2:05 PM
Subject: Re: Current Listening, once againnnnn...

>I was just reading a book called "Rock Names" about the origin of band's
>"The Dream Sydicate" got there name from a Tony Conrad album......
>At 04:05 PM 4/21/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Dave Trenkel wrote...
>>So, I'm currently listening to what has to be the sickest loop CD I've
>>heard in ages: Tony Conrad's Early Minimalism. 4 discs of overdubbed,
>>looped, atonal violin drones. the piece "Four Violins" was recorded in
>>1964, and it's 32 minutes of multitracked overdriven harmonics, sharp
>>enough to peel paint at moderate volume. Fantastic stuff!
>>MB: Wow Dave. Pretty tricky of you to take this in another direction. Do
>>have kids? Can you say redirect?
>>I forget who mentioned it but the Czukay/Walker disc "Clash" is pretty
>cool. Not
>>my usual listening, but disc 2 is really interesting. Are there any
>>types doing this sort of thing? In dance clubs? Any suggestions would be
>>I also have been listening to the Nels Cline Trio, "Ground" and that's a
>>blend of straight ahead free jazz, with a heavy dose of Sonic Youth style
>>injection. Nels and Thurston Moore also have a disc out called "The 
>>which is also interesting for aggressive ambience types.
>>I listen to Terje Rypdal "EOS" (duo with cellist David Darling) at least
>>times a week...
>>     -Miko