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Well . . . what was that album that they did where, if you didn't have
an automatic record changer, it just kept playing the same phrase (which
I can't remember right now . . . ) over and over and over again in the
out grooves?
A continous and probably mind altering loop for the time.

> Of course, the Beatles got more heavily into tape loops by way of
> George
> Martin's interest in musique concrete, such as the 1" tape pieces
> spliced into
> loops and used as the background for "Being For The Benefit Of Mr.
> Kite", and
> John & Yoko's tape collage "Revolution 9", etc.  I think a thread on
> looping
> and the Beatles is long overdue here, surely they did a lot to bring
> tape
> manipulation and loops into pop music before anyone else 
> Ken R