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Re: DOD Dimension 12 review

Kim Flint wrote:

> At the NAMM show I talked with a senior engineer from digitech (another
> fine Harman company) who on one hand seemed to think that existing 
> products had good looping functions, and on the other hand was completely
> unaware of the whole RDS/PDS/TimeMachine product line and the degree of
> interest people still have for those! So don't expect much on that front
> either....
> kim

There isn't a whole lot of info on the whole RDS/PDS/TimeMachine thang.  I 
under the impression that PDS is the RDS in pedal form, although I have no
evidence to support this.

I have also noticed that the RDS-900 lo-fi sample rate sound dope, yo- far
supperior to the hi-er fi later models.  Is there a PDS-900?  Does it work 
the ol' RDS-900.  Does anyone knowthe diff in the specs?