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Re: DOD Dimension 12 review

>I do believe that looping products in general need to be thought out more
>clearly. I believe that who put's out the next one of these babys should
>send a few to the very intense loopers in these pages and get their 
>so hey can learn...and therefore will sell a better product and will sell
>more of that better product...taking into consideration that the pricing
>would suit the product.
>Jeff Collins

well, seeing as how there are quite a few looping tool developers and
manufacturers ON this list already, and that members of this list have
already contributed heavily to the features found in current looping
devices, what more would you like to tell them? (or us, as it were)

dod is noticeably absent here, and the results are apparent. So *some*
manufacturers ought to be paying more attention. Bear in mind that DOD is
owned by the same company as lexicon, where looping is a dirty word now....
I imagine that's why they aren't marketing it for looping and are trying to
pass it off as some sort of dj product.

At the NAMM show I talked with a senior engineer from digitech (another
fine Harman company) who on one hand seemed to think that existing digitech
products had good looping functions, and on the other hand was completely
unaware of the whole RDS/PDS/TimeMachine product line and the degree of
interest people still have for those! So don't expect much on that front


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