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FS/FT Eventide Harmonizer

Sorry if this get's sent twice. My mail seems to be having some problems.
If you see this and are interetsed please drop me a line as it might not
show up on my system for a while.



FS/FT Eventide Harmonizer  

I just got this in trade and don't need it. it looks like a monster
(especially the CV controllable part) so I'm hoping someone here can use
it before I have to post it for the sharks.

This two space rack unit is hardwired for Input, two independant outputs,
and CV/remote input. In addition to the delay settings which can be run
independantly from the Harmonizer it has a -.5 to +2 octave pitch ratio
which can be controlled manually from the front pannel, or via a keyboard
or CV. While I'm told it works perfectly I haven't set it up so I have to
sell it as is. It does boot up and all knobs, switches, etc appear to be

There are buttons and knobs galore along with the red LED. You will need
to wire 1/4 connectors to the in/outs but this is *very* easy to do and
can be done with standard guitar cords or cheap mono cables or jacks from
Radio Shack. 

I have full pics of the front and back at:


Based on the last used gear pricelist I will sell it for the best offer
at or over $300. I am looking for a used Waldorf Pulse, Waldorf Xpole
filter, eccentric analogs, Doepfer or other modules or old effects such as
a roland rack SPH phaser, weird stomps, etc. 

email any questions. I'll post this to usenet after a day or two here ...


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