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RE: websites and cd sales

At 0:27 -0700 7/31/98, Javier Miranda V. wrote:
> What's the right way to hook up credit-card approval in your website?  Is
>that a third-party involved or it's just from your website to the bank?
> Thanks for any advice.
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> | I was wondering how many of you out there with sites and CD's to sell
> | were set up to accept credit cards and if this made a difference in
> | sales? There seems to be quite a difference for me between hits and
> | sales and I wondered if this was everyones usual experience?

Unless you're making a lot more money than I am, accepting credit cards
directly is an expensive proposition and not worth it.

I use Kagi <http://www.kagi.com/> and am totally happy with them.  They
take a few percentage points (as do the credit card companies), send you
orders by email, and you ship them and receive a check in the mail every
now and then.

There are other similar organizations.


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