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RE: websites and cd sales

<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>At 0:27 -0700 7/31/98, Javier Miranda V. wrote:<BR>
> What's the right way to hook up credit-card approval in your 
>that a third-party involved or it's just from your website to the 
> Thanks for any advice.<BR>
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> | Sent: Thursday, July 30, 1998 11:11 PM<BR>
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> | Subject: websites and cd sales<BR>
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> | I was wondering how many of you out there with sites and CD's to 
> | were set up to accept credit cards and if this made a difference in<BR>
> | sales? There seems to be quite a difference for me between hits and<BR>
> | sales and I wondered if this was everyones usual experience?<BR>
Unless you're making a lot more money than I am, accepting credit cards<BR>
directly is an expensive proposition and not worth it.<BR>
I use Kagi&nbsp;<http://www.kagi.com/> and am totally happy with 
take a few percentage points (as do the credit card companies), send 
orders by email, and you ship them and receive a check in the mail 
now and then.<BR>
I agree something like Kagi is a better solution than setting up for credit
card transactions yourself. Setting up with a merchant bank and CyberCash
can easily cost you what averages out to a few hundred dollars per month.
Then there is the expertise you'll need to code Perl CGI(not for your 
novice HTML coder) to connect properly with CyberCash and the merchant
bank .I use IUMA, since they promote my music anyway. They act as a 
service with credit card and toll-free ordering, stocking and shipping
the item also. The Ultimate Band List (<A 
HREF="http://www.ubl.com/">http://www.ubl.com/</A>)seems to have
this sort of service also, but I don't have any details.

<P>Ed Arszyla